The Heart of Genetic Counseling Award

Heart of Genetic Counseling Award

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Nominate your genetic counselor for a chance to be featured in a book.
Heart of Genetic Counseling Award 2020 winner Gretchen MacCarrick

A genetic counselor with a heart can make all the difference

Have you had a genetic counselor who touched your heart? Who guided you or a family member through a tough time? Who always seemed to know both the answer and the right thing to say about it? We want to hear your story.
Heart of Genetic Counseling Award winner 2019 - Gayun Chan-Smutko

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Tell us about your genetic counselor’s compassion, expertise, and helpfulness and how it impacted your healthcare—or that of a loved one—and nominate your genetic counselor for the Heart of Genetic Counseling Award.

What is the Heart of Genetic Counseling Award?

The Heart of Genetic Counseling Award celebrates the heart that genetic counselors bring to patient care, giving patients compassion and insight as they understand and respond to genetic conditions.

Presented by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) and Invitae, it honors excellence in patient care as viewed through the eyes of a patient.

Patients and caregivers are invited to nominate genetic counselors for this prestigious award by answering a few questions about the impact a genetic counselor has had on their lives. Selected genetic counselors may be featured in a book and honored during the NSGC annual conference in September. Contest rules can be found here.

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