The future of your health is in your genes

Genetic testing can help you make informed health decisions.

The future of your health is in your genes

Genetic testing can help you make informed health decisions.

Step 1: Is genetic testing right for you?

Do you or a blood relative (sibling, half-sibling, parent, child, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandparent, grandchild, or cousin) have any of the following?

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Pancreatic cancer

  • Early-onset breast cancer (at age 50 or younger)

  • Male breast cancer

  • Breast cancer and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

  • 3 or more relatives on the same side of the family with any of the following cancers: breast, ovarian, prostate, or pancreatic.

If so, genetic testing may be right for you. Please proceed to Step 2 and watch a brief video about genetic testing for hereditary cancer.

If none of the above situations apply to you but you are interested in learning more about genetic testing, please talk to your healthcare provider about next steps. Genetic testing may still be an important option for you, especially if you have a family history of cancers not listed above or if you have a relative who has tested positive for a genetic variant related to cancer.

2. Video: Genetic testing for hereditary cancer

Genetic testing looks at your genes to see if there are any changes, called variants, that may impact your health. The video explains how genetic testing can help you plan for a healthy future.

Video Thumbnail

3. Hereditary cancer testing patient guide

Genetic testing can clarify the cause of a personal or family history of cancer, help you understand your options for treatment or prevention, and even identify family members who may also be at risk. For more information about Invitae’s genetic testing for hereditary cancer, please see the patient guide linked below. When you’re done with the guide, please click the back button ( < ) on top of the iPad screen to come back to this page.

4. Learn about Invitae billing

Invitae offers a clear and transparent billing process. Invitae will reach out to your insurance company to determine your estimated out-of-pocket cost. If you don’t have insurance or prefer not to bill your insurance, you also have the option to pay a reduced rate upfront for your testing. For more information about Invitae’s billing, please see the billing information below. When you’re done, please click the back button ( < ) on top of the iPad screen to return to this page.

5. Genetic counseling resources at Invitae

Invitae’s tests include consultations with a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors are a vital resource who can help you throughout the genetic testing process. They are experts at explaining complex genetic concepts and helping people understand what their genetic test results mean for themselves and their family members.

Invitae’s board-certified genetic counselors are available by telephone to answer your questions about genetic testing, including:

  • On-demand conversations to answer your questions about testing and test results

  • A comprehensive genetic counseling session
    After you receive your test results, an Invitae genetic counselor will review your personal and family medical history and then explain what your genetic test results may mean for you and your family members. If your test result was positive, genetic testing may be recommended for your family members. To ask questions or schedule a comprehensive genetic counseling session, please call Invitae at 1-800-436-3037 Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific and ask to speak with a genetic counselor. You can also schedule an appointment online.

6. Register in the Invitae patient portal

If you’re ready to get started, you can do so by registering for an Invitae patient portal account. The Invitae patient portal is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that will let you track the progress of your test, notify you when the results are ready, view results, schedule a session with a genetic counselor, and much more. You can also view educational resources on genetics and genetic testing.

Who we are

Invitae is a leader in advanced medical genetics. Our company was founded with a singular mission: to make genetic information affordable and accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. The Invitae team includes pioneers in genetics, medicine, technology, and genetic counseling, and is trusted by experts to provide the most comprehensive, reliable genetic screening and support available. Learn more about Invitae at

Additional resources

Informed consent

The informed consent form verifies that you understand how genetic testing works, what will be tested, what testing can reveal, and the limitations of testing. Informed consent is obtained by your doctor or genetic counselor during your consultation session.

Patient assistance program

Invitae is committed to making genetic testing affordable and accessible by removing financial and logistical barriers. Our Patient Assistance Program is available to patients who require financial assistance for their genetic testing.