Knowledge is more valuable when shared.

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Clinvitae is a unified database of clinically observed genetic variants aggregated from public sources. Clinvitae enables you to search for variants across all these sources simultaneously using a fast and intuitive search engine.

Knowledge is more valuable when shared. By freely contributing this resource to the wider research community, we want to increase the quality and utility of genetic data available to all.

Bringing it all together

To make Clinvitae as informative as possible, we aggregate data from multiple public databases.

Our list of sources includes NCBI's ClinVar project as well as other labs with public variant databases. Invitae contributes our clinically observed variants to both ClinVar and Clinvitae.

Our goal is to simplify variant search by creating a unified resource. We want clinicians and researchers to save time, compare variants across multiple platforms, and fully utilize the available data.

Our commitment to sharing data

As labs sequence more genetic information, the scientific and medical communities will learn more about the clinical significance of genetic variants, but only if this data is shared.

Invitae is committed to furthering the cause of sharing genetic data. To that end, we fully support the efforts of the ClinVar project and hope to support its use through the Clinvitae search engine. We have begun to submit our clinically observed genetic variants to ClinVar and Clinvitae and will continue to share variants in both these databases.

Through these efforts, we hope to improve genetic test results for all patients by reducing VUS rates and enabling independent verification of genetic test results.

Read more about Invitae's committment to sharing genetic information in this blog post by Invitae's John Garcia, Is better patient care dependent on sharing genetic data?

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For patients

Invitae is a supporter of Free the Data, a grassroots movement where patients, physicians, and researchers are contributing their genetic variants to support genetics research, advance the understanding of disease, and enhance treatment options.

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For clinicians

The Sharing Clinical Reports Project (SCRP) is a volunteer effort to encourage open sharing of genetic variants. SCRP is part of the International Collaboration for Clinical Genomics (ICCG), a group dedicated to improving the quality of genomic testing.