CancerGene Connect

Faster histories.

Better data.

Richer assessments.

Risk assessment and pedigree tool, at no charge

Invitae is excited to announce that we now offer one of the most efficient, end-to-end platforms available for collecting and managing genetic family histories, available to clinicians at no charge.

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Web platform

Think of CancerGene Connect as your new mobile office. Access all of your patient information securely. Anywhere. Any time.

Mobile questionnaire

CancerGene Connect’s mobile and self-guided data collection process allows patients to take the time they need to gather their complete history—in the comfort of their own home before they visit your office.

End-to-end solution

Print, save, and share customizable fact sheets, risk assessment reports, results letters, pedigrees, and family letters with your patients and peers without repetitive data entry.

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Created by clinicians, for clinicians.

46% time savings

Less time per case. More time spent with patients.

Over 15,000 patients

Field-tested platform. Proven results.

UT Southwestern

Original platform developer. Trusted foundation.