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CancerCHECK is a simple, secure and streamlined solution available through Invitae's online ordering portal. This tool is designed to help clinicians:

  • Identify appropriate candidates for genetic testing
  • Choose the most appropriate test based on patient risk factors
  • Develop personalized clinical management plans with actionable results

How does CancerCHECK work?

The free, web-based platform can be securely accessed on any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

1. Log into Invitae’s Healthcare Provider Portal

Choose “CancerCHECK” to get started

2. Patient questionnaire

Either email your patient a link to a short questionnaire, or hand them an iPad or other device in kiosk mode so they can fill out the questionnaire in your office

3. Identify and order a test

Quickly identify candidates for genetic testing based on questionnaire answers. Choose a recommended test and seamlessly continue through the order, which has been pre-filled from the questionnaire

Why use CancerCHECK in your practice?

  • Standardize and simplify the screening and testing process for both yourself and your patients
  • Identify patients in your practice who are candidates for hereditary cancer genetic testing
  • Increase the likelihood that your patient recieves a beneficial genetic test by ordering it right in your office
  • Option to order guidelines-based panels that have a clear treatment plan
  • Streamline collection of personal and family history and pre-populate the online order form

Get started

If you are not able to use the online tool, CancerCHECK also comes in the form of a step-by-step guide for you to have on hand in your practice. This resource inlcudes a checklist to identify candidates for genetic testing, information about guidelines-based panels and medical management guidelines, and additional tools and resources. You can download and print the guide, or contact us to request a bound copy.

Support from start to finish

Clinical Consult Service

Invitae’s board-certified genetic counselors can support you throughout the testing process.

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Simple pricing. Simple billing. No surprises.

Invitae’s pricing per clinical area is $250 patient pay and $1500 list price for panel testing.

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