Genetic testing programs and patient engagement

Identifying patients for clinical trials & treatments

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Invitae’s approach combines high-quality, low-cost genetic testing with an extensive network of patients and clinicians.

Genetic testing

Identify patients who could benefit from clinical trials and treatments through genetic testing offered at no cost to the patient

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Patient & clinician engagement

Leverage our extensive network of patients and clinicians, identifying cases that might be eligible for your clinical trial or treatment.

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By working with Invitae, our biopharma partners

  • Remove barriers to testing, allowing patients to receive an accurate diagnosis quicker

  • Inform patients and clinicians of clinical trial and treatment opportunities

  • Confirm positive diagnoses and suspected cases with genetic testing

  • Understand the natural history of disease using patient-reported outcomes and clinical records

  • Build engaged patient communities

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Genetic testing with Invitae

We have one of the broadest test menus available, including panel testing for more than 1,500 genes and the option to order an exome (spanning approximately 20,000 genes).

Invitae partners with biopharma companies to offer sponsored testing for patients who meet eligibility criteria for specific disorders. These programs allow patients to receive the testing they need at no charge, as well as inform their doctor about relevant clinical trial or treatment options. Invitae’s dedicated sales team promotes the programs and works side by side with our partners to extend their reach.

Invitae also routinely supports global clinical trials, receiving samples from numerous countries around the world. We have the flexibility to accept a variety of sample types and workflows, including samples sent directly from the clinician or a central laboratory.

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Patient & clinician engagement

Invitae can leverage our extensive network of patients and clinicians, identifying clinicians whose patients who might be eligible for your clinical trial or treatment. We work with you to draft custom notifications based on a specific genetic result in addition to other criteria such as age or symptoms.

In addition, more than 100,000 patients across more than 400 diseases are enrolled in Invitae-operated Patient Insights NetworksSM (PINs). Patients securely contribute data and can opt to receive information about research and clinical trial opportunities. We will work with you to leverage the benefits of engaging patients in our PIN network.

Selected Invitae commercial partners include:

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